Ion Pair Reagents

Ion Pair Reagents

Ion-exchange chromatography systems have previously been utilized in HPLC analysis of ionic samples. Recently, reversed-phase partition chromatography using ion-pair reagents has been developed and utilized. The ionic samples form an ion-pair with ion-pair reagents in the mobile phase to become electrically neutral leading to greater ease of separation.

UV and fluorescence detectors are widely used. Therefore ion-pair reagents must lack UV absorption and fluorescence themselves to obtain highly sensitive detection of samples. The UV absorption of sodium alkanesulfonates is minimal so that these reagents can be used for reliable HPLC analysis.

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Butane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt2386-54-1
Decane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt13419-61-9
Dodecane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt2386-53-0
Heptane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt22767-50-6
Hexane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt2832-45-3
Octane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt5324-84-5
Pentane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt22767-49-3
Propane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt1453-63-2