Derivatization Reagents

Derivatization involves changing in some way the basic chemical or physical structure of a compound, usually to a single product, which may be more useful for the analysis of the original analyte in liquid chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrophotometry, HPLC and UV analysis. Hydrogen chloride 6M in propan-2-ol can be used as a derivatization reagent using all the above techniques.

These are manufactured to your own specification, in quantities from 25 litres upwards. Derivatization reagents aid the analysis by gas chromotography in both pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Hydrogen Chloride in 2 Propanol 1.25M to 7MHY7P
Hydrogen Chloride in Methanol 1M to 6MHCSE
Hydrogen Chloride in Ethanol 1M to 6MHCSE