Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis

Our products page illustrates a small selection of the chemicals we currently manufacture. Below is an outline of our Synthesis and Technical capabilities, which may give you further indication of our spectrum.

Technical Capabilities Synthesis Capabilities
• Bespoke solution manufacture. • Acylation
• Formulation/blending. • Amination
• Organic synthesis to 100's of kg scale. • Bromination
• Contract packaging. • Chlorination
  • Dehydration
Our Equipment • Esterification
• Mixing tanks (200, 300, 500, 1,000lt.) • Methylation
• Reactors (50, 100, 200lt QVF glass reactors | 250lt Glass lined steel reactor.) • Nitration
• Bulk (5,000lt) liquid storage. • Oxidation
• Centrifuge and filter separation. • Peroxidation
• Fluid bed and tray drying. • Reduction
  • Saponification
Analytical Capabilities • Sulphonation
• Gas chromatography, wet chemistry, U.V. /Vis Spectrophotometry and Trace Metal Analysis.  

For further information on a specific product, please fill out the contact page with your requirements or e mail the sales department and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

Alternatively, you can call us on:

+44(0)1509 815348

for an immediate response to your requirements.