Hydrogen Chloride in 2 Propanol 1.25M to 7M

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DESCRIPTIONHcl 6-7.5M in 2-Propanol
DOWNLOADSHCL 6-7.5M in 2-Propanol specification sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

Reason for Issue: Include Assay

Test No: Description: Specification: Method No:
1 Concentration 6.0-7.5M HY7P/1
2 Appearance Clear\colourless to slightly yellow liquid HY7P/2
3 Water 0.5% Max HY7P/3
4 Identification Positive HY7P/4
5 Density (Actual stated on c.o.a) HY7P/5
6 Assay 23.9% - 27.5% W/W HY7P/6

Age limitations: Re-test after 3 months.

BSE/TSE: We confirm and certify that no materials or reagents used in the manufacture of the above product supplied to you are of animal or human origin.

Additional requirements: Certificate of analysis with each batch. Concentration needs to be close to 25%. Raw materials are required to meet the following specifications.


Appearance Clear and Colourless Liquid
Specific Gravity at 20degC 0.780 - 0.790
Refractive Index 1.3750 - 1.3790
Assay 97% minimum

Hydrogen Chloride

Assay 97% minimum

Additional requirements: Certificate of analysis with each batch/delivery.

Testing: To the above specification.